Why I Choose Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is one of the best selling game consoles in the world right now. The selling of Nintendo Switch is increasing rapidly as the COVID-19 pandemic got worse and most of the people had to stay at home therefore the need for entertainment made game console as one of the options.

Gaming consoles sold statistics

In my case, the game console that I choose to spend my time is Nintendo Switch. The reason that I am choosing it is because of the feature it has. If you don’t know yet, Nintendo Switch is like a hybrid game console with the three gameplay modes that it offers.

Nintendo Switch Gameplay Modes

TV Mode

In this mode, you will be able to play the game with Nintendo Switch connected to the TV as the display and in this mode, the game resolution will change from 720p to 1080p by using the HDMI cable that is connected with the dock. For the controller in this mode, you can choose to detach the Joy-Con controllers from the main console and attach it to the Joy-Con grip or you can buy the pro controller.

Nintendo Switch TV Mode

Tabletop Mode

In this mode, you should detach the Joy-Con controllers from the console and place the console on a flat surface as the console is going to be the screen output. You can enjoy a single or multiplayer game in this mode (this is where the magic of Nintendo Switch joy-con give actually 😍).

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Handheld Mode

In this mode, you play while holding the Nintendo Switch console with the Joy-Con controllers attached. You can enjoy single-player games using one console, or local multiplayer games using multiple consoles.

Besides the three gameplay modes that Nintendo Switch has to offer, the game that currently supporting it is good too. Especially the exclusive game title that it has, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild which is one of my favorite games right now.

In a conclusion, I am really amazed by the hybrid technology that Nintendo Switch brings as its features and I am really recommending it to you who wants a single console that is portable and supports multiple modes as well.

Thank you for spending the time reading this article which contains only my opinion on this amazing technology.



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